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3 Pro-Cure Super Predator Oil Fishing Attractant ~ New

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SKU : 224830463189 Category : Fishing Attractants & Scents

Predator Fish Oils. With UV flash. Professional grade fish oils. Buy Three Bottles & Save! 100% biodegradable. Liquid scent blend. Marinate or inject into baits.

Additional Information
100% Biodegradable Professional Grade Fish Oils
Bait Type Predator Oil Attractant
Brand Pro-Cure
Enhance the Attraction of Bait or Lure With UV Flash. Marinate or Injection
Fish Species Bass, Catfish, Sturgeon, Halibut, Trout, Steelhead, Salmon, Panfish
LOC BRS200014EP055/0550/24
Liquid Scent Blend Predator Oil
Lot Size Lot of 3 Bottles of Predator Scent
MPN Predator Oil 2 oz.
Model Predator Liquid Scent Blend
SW 12oz
Type Predator Oil Lure
UPC 023669000525